Category: Recreation
Skill Level:  2 
Original Honor:  1986
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Adventsource Catalog: #006336 Patch Order (must have approved order login) NOT AVAILABLE IN THE NORTH AMERICAN DIVISION DUE TO INSURANCE REGULATIONS! Article/Answer Key
Originating Institution:   South Pacific Division


1.  Use the following safety gear and know why it should be worn when skateboarding: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, high top boots, wrist support gloves.

2. Name all the parts of a skateboard.

3. Completely disassemble and reassemble a skateboard, repacking the bearings and setting wheelnuts and truck pivoting nut at correct tension.

4. Demonstrate eight skateboarding skills which will include some of the following and do them to the instructors satisfaction on authorized property. Five of these should be demonstrated on a skateboarding ramp.

a.  Tick Tack -- from a standing start to a minimum of 10 meters on level ground
b.  Ollie -- minimum of 10 centimeters 
c.  Rail Slide -- minimum of 1 meter 
d.  Drop In -- off a ramp 2-3 meters high 
e.  Gurreo Slide 
f.  4-Wheel Look Up
g.  Pump on a ramp up to the Coping
h.  Acid Drop
i.  Kick Flip
j.  Ollie up a Gutter
k.  Front-Back side grind
l.  Carve
m.  Pump

** Note: The Skateboarding honor is not available in the North American Division because of insurance regulations.