Geocaching Advanced

1.      Have Basic Geocaching Honor
2.      Briefly describe the origin of the global positioning satellites? What is their history – when and how did they get there? By whom?
3.      Define latitude, longitude. What is meant by degrees, minutes, seconds?
4.      Complete two or more of the following:
a.       Establish and maintain a new geocache in your area for at least 6-months.
b.      Send out and follow a TB (travel bug) for 6 months.
c.       Find 2 travel bugs and follow for 6 months
d.      Participate in a geocache meeting or event in your area (attend).
5.      What are the laws/rules/guidelines for placing caches in the following locations?
a.       State Parks National Park Service
b.      Roads and Railroad Right-of-Ways
c.       Placing caches while traveling
d.      Wilderness Areas in National Forest Areas
e.       USDA Forest Service
6.      Find and record at least 18 geocaches; include:
a.       Traditional cache with 3-star difficulty
b.      One Multi-level
c.       One virtual
d.      One micro

Skill Level: