Ultimate Disc






Category: Recreation
Skill Level:  1 (basic)  2 (advanced)
Original Honors:  2011
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Originating Institution:  North American Division




1. Know the 10 simple rules of Ultimate and how the game is played.

2. Define and explain “Spirit of the Game” .

3. Explain why the name “Frisbee” was dropped from the name of the game.

4. Identify and be able to throw the disk:

a. Forehand

b. Backhand

5. Define or explain the following game terms:

a. Stacking & Cutting

b. Clearing Out

c. Stall Count

d. Non-Contact

e. Violation vs. Foul

f. Hold the line

6. Explain the following calls or rules:

a. No referees/player resolution

b. Foul calls at the disk

c. Foul calls away from the disk

d. Traveling

e. Pivot

7. As a team or individual, develop a plan to practice outreach while completing the requirements for this honor. Possible options could include the following:

a. Invite at least one friend not from your church to play a game.

b. Have prayer before or after each game.

c. Exhibit “Spirit of the Game” both on and off the field.

8. Play six (6) pathfinder pick-up games to twelve (12) points and demonstrate reasonable understanding of disk handling and throwing, catching, scoring, and defending.

9. Write a one-page report or provide an oral report to the Pathfinder leader on how the concept of “Spirit of the Game” is applied to Ultimate and outside the sport as a Christian role model to others. Discuss why the concept is important in fair play and in reducing the desire to win at any cost.