Odonates, Advanced


Category: Nature

Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2011
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Originating Institution:  North American Division



1. Complete the basic requirements of the Odonates Honor.

2. Define the following terms as they relate to the Odonates.

a. labium

b. exuviae

c. crepuscular

d. compound eyes

e. ocelli

f. pterothorax

g. veins

h. cells

i. forewing

j. hindwing

k. frons

l. pterostigma

m. eye seam

n. cerci

o. lateral stripes

p. segments

q. pruinescence

3. Find and identify, sketch or photograph specimens representing at least 3 families of Damselflies and 4 families of Dragonflies found on your continent.

4. Find and identify 30 species Odonates. Be sure to include pertinent information as to locality, habitat, and date, time of day and weather conditions.

5. Know how to catch, mount, and display specimens of Odonates.