Food Drying

Food Drying

Category: Household Arts

Level: Level 2

Year Introduced: 1986

Item Number: YOU5605

Originating Institution: General Conference


1.      List at least three different ways to dry foods.
2.      Why and how do you sulphur fruits?
3.      How is dried fruit stored and protected from insects?
4.      How are dried foods reconstituted?
5.      What is important in selecting fruit to be used in making fruit leather?
6.      How are dried nuts stored?
7.      Dry the following and provide samples for testing:
a.       Bread. Make crumbs and use in a recipe for sampling.
b.      Fruit leather
c.       Vegetable leather
d.      Fruit slices
e.       Vegetable slices (such as carrots) or pieces (such as peas)
f.        Vegetarian jerky
g.       Parsley or some other herb
8.      Reconstitute a vegetable and cook for sampling.