Adventist Youth Honors Index


AY Honors are a core portion of the overall Pathfinder curriculum. There are close to 300 AY Honors that can be earned, covering a wide variety of interests, from art to music to vocational pursuits. This page lists all the AY Honor Resources that we have available for you to download.

African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD teacher helps

The North American Division approved the African American Adventist Heritage in the NAD honor is 2010.  


However, many have found FINDING the answers to be a daunting task.  Here is an instructor's powerpoint that includes some great images, and a mixture of involvement activities for group presentations.


Honor Patch Shape

Honors are fun.  Creating a new honor is even more exciting.

Often, a club and conference work together to create, pilot, and submit an honor for potential approval by the North American Division.  If the honor is approved, it is given an oval shape.


However, if the proposed honor is either 1) rejected by the NAD Pathfinder Advisory or 2) Not relevant outside a conference or union area, the local conference may wish to develop requirements and a patch for its own Pathfinder AY Honor.  If that is the case, a diamond is the voted shape.

See PDF details here

NAD AY Honors Approved for 2013

The NAD Pathfinder Advisory formally approved the following to become NEW NAD AY Honors in 2013.


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