Household Arts Honors

Basic Sewing

Basic Sewing

Category: Household Arts

Level: Level 1

Year Introduced: 1976

Adventsource Catalog: #069417

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Originating Institution: General Conference


1.      Describe the proper use of the following: thimble, tape measure, scissors and shears, pinking shears, needles of various sizes and types.
2.      Become acquainted with the sewing machine in your home or school. Identify: balance wheel, thread take?up, pressure foot, pressure foot lifter, needle, feed dogs, bobbin, and control.
3.      Demonstrate how to properly thread and run the machine.
4.      Hem a towel, showing neat and even stitches.
5.      Demonstrate your ability to properly sew on buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes.
6.      Tell what is meant by selvage, bias, straight of goods, and crosswise of goods.
7.      Make a laundry bag for camping, or a similar simple item.