Stamps, Advanced

 Skill Level:  3
Category: Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies
Original Honor:  1933

AdventSource Honors Handbook PDF
AdventSource Catalog: Advanced Star Order (must have approved order login) (link from AdventSource) Article/Answer Key 
Originating Institution: General Conference



1. Have the Stamp Honor.

2. Know the meaning of the following:

a. Cancellation 
b. Perfins 
c. Blocks 
d. Plate blocks 
e. Precanceled 
f. First day covers
g. Cachets
h. Souvenir sheets
i. Watermarks
j. Tongs

3. Make a display of at least 16 pages suitable for a stamp club show, Pathfinder Fair, or Junior Youth Philatelic Stamp Show. Display should be artistically arranged, neatly labeled and mounted, showing careful thought and research. Cachets and covers should be used as well.

4. Make a collection of 750 additional stamps with at least 50 stamps from each of five foreign countries.

5. Name two different catalogs for identifying stamps.

6. Using a stamp catalog, identify and mount according to catalog number and country.

7. Mount your stamps with gummed hinges or plastic mounts. (Plastic mounts are preferred for mint stamps.)