Camping Skills IV

Category: Recreation

Camping Skills IV

Skill Level:  2
Category: Recreation
Original Honor:  1997

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Originating Institution: North American Division



1. Be in at least the 8th grade.
2. Plan and execute a one-hour Sabbath camping activity other than worship to make the Sabbath a meaningful experience.
3. Write a 200-word report or give a two-minute oral presentation on the preservation of the wilderness, discussing etiquette and conservation.
4. Plan your menu for a two-day camping trip and estimate the cost.
5. Participate in two weekend campouts.
6. Start a fire in wet weather, knowing where to get tinder and how to keep your fire going.
7. Know the wood best suited for making a quick, hot fire.
8. Know the wood best suited for making coals for cooking.
9. Demonstrate how to split firewood.
10. Demonstrate the proper care and storage of camp foods and how to build various caches to protect food from animals.
11. Prepare a camp dinner with soup, vegetables, entree, and drink, all of which must be cooked.
12. Bake your food in a reflector oven.
13. Purify water by three different methods.
Note: The tent color for Camping Skills #4 is silver.