Swimming Beginners

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Swimming Beginners

General Conference Requirements

Category:  Recreation
Skill Level: 1
Originating Honor:  1944 Updated 2011
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Receive the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 3 Stroke Development or YMCA equivalent in Swimming—Beginner’s OR pass the following requirements:
Water Entry Skills:
1.Enter water by jumping from the side of the pool, or from into the water from a dock into a safe area for jumping.
2.Headfirst entry from the side in a sitting position.*
3.Headfirst entry from the side in a kneeling position.*
 * Headfirst entry should NOT be taught unless the water depth is at least 9 feet.
Breath Control and Submerging:
1.Bobbing while moving toward safety – demonstrate in chest-deep water at least 5 times. 
2.Demonstrate rotary breathing, at least 10 times.
1.On front, demonstrate the survival float, at least 30 seconds in deep water.
2.On back, demonstrate moving into a back float in deep water, and hold the float at least 30 seconds.
Changing Positions:
1.Change from a vertical to horizontal position on the front, in deep water.
2.Change from a vertical to horizontal position on the back, in deep water.
Treading Water:
1.Demonstrate treading water for at least 30 seconds in deep water.
Front Swim:
1.Push off in a streamline position, then begin the flutter kick. Kick in streamline position 3-5 body lengths.
2.Push off in a streamline position, then begin the dolphin kick. Demonstrate 3-5 body lengths.
3.Front crawl, at least 15 yards, with good rotary breathing.
Back Swim:
1.Elementary backstroke, demonstrate smooth finning and whip kick for at least 15 yards.
Side Swim:
1.Demonstrate, at least 10 yards, the side scissors kick.
Water Safety:
1.Reach or Throw, Don’t Go—reaching assists, demonstrate.
2.Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice—discuss/demonstrate.
3.Look Before You Leap—understand and demonstrate.
Passing Skills:
Jump into chest-deep water from the side, swim front crawl for 15 yards, maintain positions by treading water or floating for 30 seconds, and swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards.


Skill Level: 1