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Marsupials honor

 Skill Level:  2
Original Honor:  2001
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Originating Institution: South Pacific Division



1. Distinguish:

a. Mammal from other animals.

b. Placentals, marsupials and monotremes from one another.

2. Understand how marsupials are classified into families and describe, in a general way, the habits of these families.

3. Describe the distribution, habitat (ie. type of country they live in), diet breeding behavior, as well as any other interesting information of twelve different groups of marsupials and monotremes.

4. Be able to explain the difference between marsupial reproduction and that in true

mammals (ie. placentals).

5. Explain the significance of the direction of opening of the pouch and the number of young per litter in marsupials.

6. Give an explanation of the unique occurrence of marsupials in Australia.

7. Be able to explain the need for conservation of our marsupials.

8. Write a report of your visit to a natural history museum, wild-life sanctuary, zoo, etc. indicating in about 10-15 lines, the extent of your observations.