Category: Nature


Skill Level:  1
Category: Nature
Original Honor:  1937
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Originating Institution:  General Conference



1.      On what day of creation were mammals created?
2.      List four characteristics of a mammal.
3.      Give one or more identifying characteristics of each of the following orders of mammals, and name one or more species of mammals found in each order:
a.       Marsupialia
b.      Insectivora
c.       Chiroptera
d.      Carnivora
e.       Pinnipedia
f.       Rodentia
g.      Lagomorpha
h.      Artiodactyla
i.        Sirenia
j.        Cetacea
4.      List four beneficial mammals and tell how they are beneficial to man.
5.      List four things mammals do that are harmful to man.
6.      List four mammals that are completely aquatic and designate their natural range.
7.      Name the largest mammal in the world and tell where it lives, how it feeds, and what it eats.
8.      List eight species of wild mammals that you personally have observed and identified in the wild.
9.      Write or tell a story about AWild Mammals I Have Observed.

Level: 1