Category: Nature


Skill Level:  1
Category: nature
Original Honor:  2001
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Originating Institution:  General Conference



1.      List 25 culinary herbs and their uses.
2.      List 25 medicinal herbs and their uses.
3.      Cook one dish using herbs.
4.      Make one of the following herbal products:
a.       Cream
b.      Herb pillow
c.       Jam
d.      Soap
e.       Paper
5.      Make one batch of potpourri.
6.      Make one pomander.
7.      Name and identify 5 herbs growing wild near you.
8.      Name 5 herbs you can use for dying and state the color they give.
9.      Name 5 herbs that can be used in insect control.
10. Grow 5 culinary herbs for 3 months.
11. Name 5 herb plants that particularly attract bees.
12. Name 5 herbs mentioned in the Bible and give the Bible references for them.

Level: 2