Edible Wild Plants

Category: Nature

Edible Wild Plants

Skill Level:  2
Category: Nature
Original Honor:  1970

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1.      Photograph, collect pictures of or sketch fifteen edible wild plants. Identify each plant in the wild.
2.      Identify, in the wild, five trees and five shrubs which have edible parts.
3.      Identify, prepare, and eat five kinds of wild berries or fruits, three kinds of beverages, three salad plants, three potherbs (greens) and two tubers or roots.
4.      Demonstrate the preparation of wild foods in each of the following ways:
a.       Boiling
b.      Roasting
c.       Frying
d.      Baking
5.      Demonstrate how to prepare four parts of the common milkweed or daylily for food.
6.       Explain how to identify three "odd-shaped" edible fungi and how to identify the deadly mushroom amanitas.
7.      What root plant can be dried and ground into meal?
8.      Know at least eight families embracing the poisonous or doubtful plants.
9.      What is the cardinal edibility rule?