Cooking Advanced

Category: Household Arts

Cooking Advanced

Skill Level: 2
Category: Household Arts
Original Honor: 1956

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Originating Institution: General Conference


1. Have the Cooking Honor.
2. How many cups make a quart? (How many mls to make a liter?) How many tablespoons to a cup? How many teaspoons to a tablespoon?
3. Prepare two main casserole dishes using macaroni, noodles, beans, or rice.
4. Prepare two different vegetable casserole dishes.
5. Prepare two kinds of salad. How are salads kept crisp?
6. Know the difference in food value between whole milk, lowfat milk, and non-dairy milk.
7. Prepare a balanced breakfast using the food pyramid guide.
8. Prepare a vegetarian entree dish.
9. Plan menus for one week, choosing at least three dishes in which leftovers may be used.
10. Prepare a balanced meal using a vegetarian entree, a vegetable casserole, and a salad.
11. Know several reasons why vinegar is unhealthful.
12. What does caffeine do to the body? List five foods that contain caffeine.
13. Have 25 recipes of personally-prepared dishes, not more than five of which are candies or desserts.