Poultry Raising

Category: Outdoor Industries

Poultry Raising

Skill Level:  1
Category: Outdoor Industries
Original Honor:  1928

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Originating Institution:  General Conference


1. Have the Poultry Honor.
2. Tell briefly the egg-laying or meat-producing qualities of the following:
a. Plymouth Rock
b. Wyandotte
c. Rhode Island Red
d. Orpington
e. Leghorn
f. Peking duck
g. Mammoth Bronze turkey
h. White Holland turkey
i. Toulouse goose
3. What is the purpose of the following:
a. Incubators
b. Hovers
c. Sanitary fowl houses
d. Coops
e. Runs
4. Candle a number of eggs, finding at least one bad egg. What is the purpose of candling eggs?
5. Outline the feeding program for domestic fowl, from hatching to maturity.
6. What is the temperature, humidity, and the number of days needed to hatch the following eggs:
a. Duck
b. Chicken
c. Goose
d. Quail
e. Turkey
7. Make, buy, or rent an incubator and hatch six poultry eggs of your choice, with a 50% hatch. 8. Raise these fowl for at least three months.