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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:56 am 
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I seriously need therapy on this topic, so I'll vent here.

I cannot wrap my head around the chaos of class A uniforms in the NAD. Each conference is allowed to make its own rules and thus each conference has a different set of rules. Some conferences change the rules every year or two. So within the NAD, there is no uniformity among the class A uniforms. Even at a union camporee there is no consistency since each conference within the union has different regulations, much less at Oshkosh. Some unions have a union youth ministries department therefore some unions have a union patch and others do not. You have no idea what a set of cords means if they are not in your conference, so why have them? Ever done a parade at the union level? Notice how different everyone looks? Ever seen a combined union/division drum corp and how that smaller group has so many different looks?

Different divisions have different cultures and climates and thus differing needs for uniforms but there is no reason for such inconsistency among the conferences in the NAD. The only personalization choices should be made at the local club level as to short or long sleeve and if the females want pants or skirts.

I am an extremely strong believer that class A uniform regulations should be made at the division level and not lower and should not change every year. Between my director and I, I refer to them as the class A outfits since there is no uniformity among the “uniforms”.

God is a God of order, not one where everyone writes their own rules. He gives us our own names but we all have the same Bible. So why do pathfinders, in their very physical identity, have such drastic differences? Since when do the lower ranks (conferences) have more authority than the high rank (division)? Do we also allow kids to direct the area coordinators?

Some of these should be able to be done easily and quickly, such as what color cords apply to what position. If they want to go in stages they can. Start with the cords and then do the sash next: what goes on it and what doesn't, where things go and don't go, etc. Lastly they can hash out the actual uniform shirt itself as likely that will involve the most debate. Just please, do SOMETHING as a requirement at the division level to give some uniformity to the “uniforms”. Why have a division uniform guideline in the staff manual when no conference uses it?

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