2013 NAD AY Honor Requirements Released

The NAD Pathfinder Advisory formally approved the following to become NEW NAD AY Honors in 2013.  While the PATCHES will not be available from AdventSource until early 2014, these requirements are being released in hopes that clubs will be able to fit some of the new honors into their annual curriculum & planning.


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Jose Rojas Leaving NAD to Start New Ministry

Jose RojasJose Vicente Rojas will be leaving the North American Division (NAD) on December 31 to assume a new role. He will launch a new ministry titled, "MOVEmentum." Under his leadership of MOVEmentum, Rojas will conduct evangelistic meetings and speak for many Adventist events, provide consulting services to assist denominational leaders and organizations in strategic planning and implementation, as well as provide leadership training and consulting services to international governments and corporations within the context of Adventist values.