Union Camporees 2016-2019

Unions are a smaller unit of ministry within the North American Division.  The Division-wide Camporee is in Wisconsin in 2019, but in the intervening years, each union offers its Pathfinder clubs an opportunity to get together with hundreds or thousands of other Pathfinders from other states in the same region of the country, yet from diverse backgrounds and experiences.


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The Pathfinder Bible Experience is a team challenge that focuses on immersion in the Word of God. Four levels of play each Pathfinder year culminate in an official NAD Pathfinder event held on the third Sabbath of April at a large venue somewhere in the NAD.

A full day of activities is planned, including Sabbath morning services, and the PBE event in the afternoon from 1-5 pm.

The PBE Manual is available from AdventSource or as a PDF download here.

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