Pathfinder Club

2014 AY Honors Voted

In March 2014, the NAD Honors Taskforce recommended 14 new honors to the Pathfinder Advisory, who approved them.

Requirements are available June, 2014, with patches and Wiki-answers to follow.

New Honors (links to requirements on Pathfinder website or Pathfinder Wiki):

  1. Alternative Fuels and Advanced
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Bogs & Fens and Advanced
  4. Engineering
  5. Lego Design
  6. Meteorites
  7. Pin Trading and Advanced
  8. Renewable Energy
  9. Social Media
  10. Taiga and Advanced

The General Conference has also approved several new honors:

  1. Alive Bible
  2. Biblical Archaeology
  3. Creationism and Advanced
  4. Dinosaurs
  5. God's Messenger
  6. Midnight Sun
  7. Pizza Maker