Pathfinder Club

Prayer Involves Thousands!

The General Conference Revival and Reform
ation initiative is sponsoring the Prayer Honor at the upcoming Pathfinder camporee. But instead if limiting the honor to the first 500 people, anyone can participate!  Here’s how it works: There are eight requirements in all. Participants can go to and start working on the first three requirements before the camporee. (Some of the requirements will take more time than what they can do at the camporee). 



Then, at the camporee, the remaining five requirements can be found, one each day, in the daily onsite newspaper, Pathfinder TODAY.  (The requirements are short enough to complete each day during club worships or other club meeting times.) Then, on Friday, August 15, Youth leaders and Pathfinder directors can pick up the Prayer Honor Completion Cards at the Revival and Reformation Booth (Hangar A, #1101) for the number of participants who have completed the requirements.


Start now and tell others! It’s not too late to pray!


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Source: General Conference Ministerial